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RIP Micro+Nano

Micro & Nano were my first little hammy superstars, my moonchkies. I purchased them on April 19th 2009. I had done a little research on the species, but seeing them in person is what really sealed the deal for my boyfriend and I. We fell in love. My boyfriend picked Micro because she was awake and showing us her speed demon antics on her wheel, and I chose Nano because she was the smallest of the batch. We were so excited to bring them home. We would spend tons of time in front of the cage watching them explore and smiling at all the silly things they do. One of the funniest things was them getting adjusted to the ball bearings on their wheels. They would run extremely fast, and flip over and over, falling out into their bedding. It never seemed to phase them. They were inspirational. I entered them in a California Hamster Association show in the summer of 2009. They received a gold and silver medal in the dwarf standards, and various ribbons in the fun class. 

Over the first three months, their cage expanded rapidly. Despite their small size, roborovskis require a lot of space to run around and play. Since Micro and Nano were our first little babies, we decided to spoil them. They truly lived in a hamsters paradise. Contrary to what most people think, they used every square inch of their cages. The set-up consisted of the following parts and accessories: Crittertrail One, Crittertrail Outlook, Crittertrail Discovery Deluxe, Crittertrail X, Crittertrail School Bus, Habitrail Ovo Transport Unit, 3 silent spinners, 1 treat dispenser, and tons of tubes apart from the normal food bowls, water, hide-a-ways and chews.

Both of them loved to eat sunflower seeds. We had a bell hanging from the bus, and they would go up and ring it when they wanted our attention. Nano loved to beg for treats at the side of the cage. Every time it was slightly colder than our usual warm Southern California weather, the two of them would build the biggest beds and camp out til it passed. Micro was the less timid of the two, while Nano earned herself the nickname 'Bitey'. Through all the bites and blood, we couldn't of asked for more. They would spend run marathons every night.

Micro passed after almost a year with us, on April 6th 2010. Nano lived to be almost two years old, crossing over the rainbow bridge on Febuary 15th 2011. We are still heartbroken over losing them, though we try not to be too sad. They taught us so many things about hamster fancy, and not to mention true love. The sisters are finally together again, enjoying the never-ending supply of sunflower seeds and plenty of space. We will never forget you.

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