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Sir Hamilton McFluffy

This is Sir Hamilton McFluffy of the Syrian Longhairs.. or Hammy for short. He is a Golden Banded Satin LongHair Syrian hamster. If I had to put a DOB on him, I would say Summer 2009 sometime. I adopted him on Christmas 2010 from my boyfriends sister. She had called him Hammy, but I thought that was too plain for such an awesome hamster. Sir Hamilton McFluffy was suggested and stuck ever since. He made it back more than 400+ miles in the car with us. He spends most our day-time lounging about in his secret top-box, but he can easily be coaxed out with a few pets and treats.  Since making the transition from a Crittertrail 3 into a large DIY cage made from a 95qt (522 sq inches) bin, his activity levels have improved. He now chews on his toys and runs in his senior Wodent Wheel. Hammy loves to come out and explore our studio in his hamster ball. He is one of the sweetest hamster I’ve ever come in contact with, such a great contrast from the only other type of hamster I had owned before him, a roborovski!
Gotta love that crazy long hair!

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