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Sir Hamilton McFluffy of the Syrian Longhairs

Hamilton McFluffy is a 2 year old Satin Golden Banded Syrian hamster. We adopted him on Dec 25th 2010. He weighs about 177 grams. His original name was Hammy, but we felt that was too plain for such a dapper fellow.

Princess Periwinkle ~ Secret Agent P

Periwinkle is a Sapphire Winter White dwarf hamster. She was born on December 23rd 2010, and we adopted her on Feb 5th 2011. She weighs about 52 grams. She has been entered in SoCal hamster shows, placing 1st place in 'Best in Show' and 'Cutest'.

Rest in Peace Micro and Nano

The two little roborovski superstars that started it all, Micro and Nano. They were adopted on April 19th 2009. They entered one show, placing 1st and 2nd in 'Best in Show' and 'Fastest Ball Race', and 2nd and 3rd in 'Most Unusual Markings'. Micro passed away on April 6th 2010, and Nano on Feb 15th 2011.

Basic Hamster Care 1O1

General information about the species commonly kept as pets, their diet, habitats, safety tips and other useful tidbits.

DIY Bin Cage Tutorial

The cheap and easy solution to providing your hamster with plenty of floorspace. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and easily customizable. You don't need to be a wiz with the tools to figure it out, either!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sorry for slacking!!

I guess it's a good thing I didn't buy my domain, since I have been in a blogging slump. It sucks, because I love blogging. I've been blogging for 10 years! Everything is going great with the hamsters. Periwinkle is turning into a "beggy", but it's not her fault, it's ours. I weighed her today, she's 50 grams. She was born on Dec 23rd. I don't know if she's too fat for her age or not, but she gets excercise. I need to just watch what I feed her. In the next few days we will be going to the grocery store and I can get them something fresh to eat as well. That also means we can pick up some carefresh! Finally! Hamilton is funny, he stuffs all the toilet paper into his igloo and petting zone box. If I lift up the igloo the TP is in the same shape as the igloo, lol. Also, I love bringing Periwinkle out to play with her on the bed. She runs around, but she will run back into your hand if you put it by her so it's not a problem to control her. They're both so cute, so here are some long overdo pictures!

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