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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hamster Beading & Pet Shops.

A friend of mine runs a site called It has a lot of beadwork involving the peyote stitch. They are usually for bracelets, but I decided to start making them but keeping them flat. I saw she had some hamster ones on her website, so my boyfriend made one for Periwinkle. When she finally has a bin cage, we will attach it onto the top. I also want to get one made for Hamilton. 

Today we went to two smaller petshops just to look around. The first one we went to was Royal Pet Center in La Mirada, CA. This pet store made me very sad and emotional. Their hamsters were kept in tanks. I don't think they were even 10 gallons. There were atleast four syrians to a tank. They didn't have any hideaways, or a wheel. Just some food and bedding. It looked as if one had a few small scabbed wounds on him/her. They also had two red eyed white dwarf hamsters that looked older. They were losing fur, but I don't know if it was because of age or something else. They also had no wheel or anything but food. Next was Pet City in Whitter, CA. Their hamsters were in much better conditions. They had open air cages, plenty of space, two wheels, hideaways, tunnels, etc. The syrians looked like two different litters in the same area. I say this because some looked like they were much younger/smaller. One that was sleeping in a tube looked like he had a wound, too. :(

Both of these situations obviously touched my heart very much, having just recently lost Nano, but I knew I couldn't say something right then because it would of not come out the way I wanted it to. Should I say anything? Should I try to get my boyfriend to take me back so I can try to sneak pictures? Do I just avoid these shops? 

I was really hoping to find a smaller pet shop near by that I could support when I buy my supplies, but I guess that was a bust.


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