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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sir Hamilton McFluffy

Sir Hamilton was being his usual sweetheart self tonight, so I decided to let him have some treats. The extra grease in his fur has gone away, and he's very soft! McFluffy would eat the whole treat bar in one sitting if I let him. He was trying to pull it into his bed when I set it away to lure him out. I was quick enough to catch a photo of him dropping it. 

Just a quick notice to everyone.. I tried to purchase the domain through Blogger/Google, but I had the wrong credit card number from my parents and it timed now. Now when I try to re-register, it doesn't let me pick that domain and tells me to contact support. I've already called GoDaddy, the people who were going to host me, but they said that it's nothing on their end, and that the domain is not registered. Hopefully Google will clear the order soon and I'll be able to upgrade. :) 


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