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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss you, Nanomoonchkie

It's been one week since I lost Nano. I feel very down today. Not only that, but it's one week until my friend Kaylin's birthday. She passed away in 2008. Hopefully I'll be able to pull out of this funk soon. I don't like it at all.

Nothing interesting has been happening, but I feel bad for not updating. Still handling both Periwinkle and Hamilton every day. Periwinkle does not like to be disturbed when she's in her little bed that she made underneath her Critter Castle. She was squeaking up a storm the other day when we tried to get her. She was SCREAMING! Thankfully hamsters voices aren't that loud. I gave her a sunflower seed and she sat there squeaking at us while eating it. I couldn't help but laugh. The cute little bugger. Oh Periwinkle, you aren't as scary as you try to be!




Lol I remember my winter white Cindarelli used to squeak a lot too whenever I tried to handle her. I think its just in their nature lol.

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