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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nano Moonchkie & Princess Periwinkle

I could tell already this morning that today was going to be a good day because Nano was up and being active. She was being super spastic. Perhaps she noticed I took her yellow TV away from her Discovery Deluxe, but she never used it anyway! I gave it to Peri, but replaced that spot in Nano's cage with the little Super Pet bed. Ever since Saturday, she's been spending most of her time sleeping under her Critter Castle (I really want one of these for Peri!). I think she was mad that I made her be out of her cage so much this past weekend, and getting her nails clipped. Clipping them though seems to have helped her, because she ran for a very long time. 

Speaking of running.. I finally saw little Miss Periwinkle running on her silent spinner! Jim thought he heard her the other night, but it could of been Nano. I saw her yesterday afternoon, though I don't have any photographic evidence. I hope she will use it more often. I said "Good Morning" to Peri today, and gave her a couple of random things from a seed mix, which she seems to love. When I open the little box on the top, she wants to walk right over the edge and explore. Every little bit of progress counts!


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