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Monday, February 07, 2011

Princess Periwinkle

It is almost the end of the third day that we have had Periwinkle. Socialization sessions with her are going great, way better than I expected them to. She was born on December 23rd, 2010, so she is still quite young. Her colony was picking on her, and she was often by herself so she was separated away from her group. When we got her, she was still quite skittish. She would vocalize her panic, squeaking even when you just walked by the cage. She would hide as soon as she knew she had your attention. She's adjusting to her Crittertrail. We changed the standard u-tube on the side to a spiral so she could just walk up it. The only thing I haven't seen her use yet is her wheel. I am hoping she will eventually get the hang of it. Periwinkle loves to burrow around in her fluff and make nests out of toilet paper. I have big dreams for her, and I can't wait to watch her grow.


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