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Monday, February 14, 2011

Princess Periwinkle & Sir Hamilton McFluffy

Periwinkle is doing well with our taming sessions. Sorry I haven't been updated, been a little busy offline. I still make sure to bring Periwinkle out every day to handle her. Sometimes she is a little bratty about wanting to come out of her cage, but once I get her up on my hands, she's happy just walking around. I think she will have a lot of fun in the playpen for freeruns. I can't just let her walk around on the floor yet because without my hands on her, she goes a little faster. Periwinkle is either molting or changing color. I can't tell. I just know her coat looks different. She is also growing up, so perhaps it is just molting. My little baby doesn't even look like a baby anymore except for her little baby ears. 

Hamilton McFluffy is doing well. He sleeps most of the day, but I can hear him in the middle of the night having a blast on his wodent wheel. He still has the same treatbar from two weeks ago because I have yet to let him finish it. He would of eaten the whole thing in one day if I left it in his cage. I want to work on taming him, too. While he's nice enough to pick up and hold, I don't think he really likes it. I'd like to make him not as scared. It probably just has to do with not having constant socialization for the better half of his life. He really likes to come out in his ball and run around.

Time for pictures!


I love all your hamsters. :D

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