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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nano Moonchkie & Princess Periwinkle

Nano woke me up this morning by chewing on the bars in her Discovery Deluxe. She started doing it shortly after Micro died. I used to disconnect it at night, but for the past two weeks or so I've left all her cages connected at night, and she stopped. But this morning she was doing it again. I gave her some new food and that was enough to distract her. When she is in those moods, it's really hard to get her to focus on anything else. I usually am trying to get her to leave the cage via tube so I can cap it off. Since she is starting to lose her fur, her legs look so tiny. Look!

We've been handling Periwinkle every day to get her used to us so she doesn't forget. She didn't squeak at us at all this time. I tried gloves, but she treats my hand and glove the same, so I figured hands would be more personal. Plus it was easier to hold her without them. Jim has a much easier time scooping her up than I do. Perhaps it is because his hands are a bit larger, or he is more confident. I was spot cleaning Peri's cage, and when I tried to pick her up afterwards, she was eager to go on my hand. Tomorrow I will try rubbing my hands in her bedding to get her scent on them and see how that works out.

Jim handling Periwinkle
Her baby ears were standing up so tall!
Oh there you are, Peri!
She gave a side profile in case she has a run in with the law, LOL


I'm sorry for your lost of Micro. :(
I am glad that Micro and Periwinkle are doing ok though. I hope Nano recovers well from the loss of Micro.

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