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Friday, February 18, 2011

Still missing Nano! (+Periwinkle photos)

Things are still kinda gloomy since the passing of Nano. She was such a big part of our lives for so long. I miss checking on her when I woke up, and before I went to bed. I miss opening her cage and rattling her food bowl, and having her run over to me. I miss her cute antics. I even miss her bites. It's going to be hard not having a roborovski, but we are not ready for another one so soon. Especially another agouti one. If we were to get any roborovskis, we would want two of those new "pied" babies. We cleaned out her cages yesterday and gave the Crittertrail Outlook to Periwinkle. We didn't have a way to attach a waterbottle to that cage, or a wheel with the Discovery Deluxe, so she has the original Crittertrail that we gave her, and the Outlook on the bottom, used mostly so she can dig around. We also gave her the 6.5" silent spinner Nano was using. Periwinkle already is bigger than Nano, and Nano was too small for the 4.5", so Peri really needed it. I hear her use the wheel, but she doesn't like us to watch her when she runs. Maybe she thinks she's invisible. Periwinkle is also using the pink Critter Castle that I got Nano and Micro back in 2009. It's my favorite hamster accessory, and all 3 of them seem to have enjoyed it so far. To be honest though, I can't help but feel guilty being happy to give these things to Periwinkle. I still feel bad about spending so much time focusing on Peri the week before Nano died. But I know it will get easier in time. Periwinkle was really upset that day, maybe she could sense it. 

Yesterday a friend came over, and we took Periwinkle out to introduce the two. She wasn't afraid to walk on his hands or anything. I am really proud of my little berryboo! Part of me is thinking about entering her in a hamster show, but I still need to see if she wouldn't mind being in a small cage, and if she will do alright in the ball. I have some more "exciting" news.. but I'll save that for a new entry. Here are the pictures I've been slacking on posting..


Aww I'm sorry its still hard on you. I know how that can be. Well at least you still have 2 other hams you can give all your love to.

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